Celebrate Life Below Water. Eat Blue

Eat Blue™ is an educational platform sponsored by BlueNalu to celebrate life below water, and the people who make a difference. It is a multimedia campaign for exploring the depths of ocean optimism and seafood sustainability that connects consumers to the stories that matter. It is a community dedicated to sustainability and conserving ocean biodiversity.

We’ve O-fish-ally Relaunched!

We’re excited to share thought-leadership pieces around ocean optimism and seafood sustainability and educate readers on the importance of Ocean Health! Check in to the Eat Blue™ site weekly for featured pieces by our Ambassadors and others!

Our Global Ambassadors


Eli Etzioni

Eli Etzioni is the Strategic Partnerships Associate at Fast Forward, the accelerator for tech-driven nonprofits. In the past, he has worked in bluetech as well as surf therapy, and he is equal parts climate optimist and outdoor enthusiast. He can...


George Jacobs

    George is the immediate past president of Singapore's Centre for a Responsible Future, and enjoys participating in all sorts of green activities including walks for tigers, tree planting, trying meat alternatives, reading aloud for the Singapore Eco...

    Charlie Reed

    Charlie Reed

    Charlie Reed has spent the past decade committed to transforming our broken food system into one that truly nourishes our planet and all living beings that call it home. She enjoys working at the intersection of sustainability, social impact,...


    Ellie Moore

    Ellie is a recent Biological Sciences Graduate from the University of Exeter, UK with a passion for marine conservation and environmental innovation. Her favorite topics to explore include the changing ocean soundscape, coral reef conservation and...


    Toshiro Shigaki

    After the completion of Ph.D. in plant pathology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I worked as researcher at Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation (Ardmore, OK) and Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX). Also was a visiting professor at Indian...

    Why Eat Blue?

    Ocean Health

    Eat Blue™ to celebrate life below water and conserve ocean ecosystems

    Human Health

    Eat Blue™ to end hunger and ensure good health without compromise or guilt

    Animal Welfare

    Eat Blue™ to defend animal welfare, protect species and conserve life below water

    Economic Impact

    Eat Blue™ to support responsible production of seafood and expand decent work opportunities

    United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

    The United Nations announced 17 global goals for sustainable development that are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) address our global challenges, and offer connective tools for taking action.

    Eat Blue™ is focused on promoting SDG Goal 14 — Life Below Water — and supports other SDGs that are critical for our planet. By making a commitment to Eat Blue, you are joining a global community in helping to advance the goals for sustainable development. 

    Sustainable seafood can feed billions of people and help end hunger.

    Seafood is important to a healthy and balanced diet.

    Biodiversity and healthy ecosystems are indicators of clean water

    The seafood sector is a cornerstone of coastal economies

    The Blue Economy is large and growing, and critical for our planet

    Communities are adapting to climate change and developing sustainable solutions

    Consumers want sustainable seafood from responsible producers

    Urgent action is needed to reverse climate change and deal with its impacts

    Responsible seafood production means healthy ecosystems and sustainable oceans.

    Partner with Eat Blue™ to celebrate life below water.

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    Celebrate Life Below Water. Eat Blue™