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How can you Eat Blue™?

You have already taken an important step towards educating yourself and celebrating life below water. 

By recognizing that the food system may contribute up to 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, we hope you will take the important next step to eat local and sustainable sources of protein, which can come from plants or plant-based meats, responsibly produced seafood from the ocean or aquaculture pens, or cell-based seafood from BlueNalu when it becomes available.

By choosing to Eat Blue™, we can have a profound impact on the sustainability of marine ecosystems and conserve Earth’s most precious resource.

Celebrate Life Below Water. Eat Blue™.

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  • EAT at least 2-3 servings of seafood per week based on the ocean species recommended by the Seafood Selector or Seafood Watch guidelines
  • EAT LOCAL fish when possible.  Ask the restaurant, fishmonger or grocery clerk:
    • Was the fish wild-caught locally or farm-raised sustainably?
    • Where is the fish from?
    • What is the risk for mercury, microplastics or other toxic chemicals?
  • TASTE a new species of fish that you wouldn’t normally try.  Many underutilized fish species are healthy, delicious and sustainably produced
  • COOK with confidence using these home recipes as a guide
  • JOIN or CREATE a Community Supported Fishery for fresh local seafood
  • THANK a local fishermen!  Fisherman in the United States are a cornerstone of coastal economies and represent the most sustainable fishery in the world.
  • HOST a dinner party with your friends featuring locally caught seafood, and invite a local fisherman as the guest of honor. Don’t forget to share your story with us!
  • ADVOCATE for sustainable seafood. On occasion, we may ask for your help to educate elected officials.  Don’t worry, we can provide plenty of materials as a guide but in the meantime, look up your local member of congress.
  • DONATE to responsible non-profits promoting sustainable fisheries and seafood.

Being among the first in the world to try delicious cell-based seafood products when they become available in select markets starting 2021.

Eat Blue™ is sponsored by BlueNalu and empowers consumers to have a profound impact on the sustainability of marine ecosystems, while supporting responsible producers of great tasting, healthy, and sustainable seafood.


Global consumption of seafood has more than doubled since 1973 to over 20 kg/year per person – an all-time high – and will continue to increase as consumers shift from red meat to seafood due to its health and environmental benefits.


While the volume of fish caught from the ocean has remained flat since 1995, fish harvested from aquaculture has risen dramatically, and now represents more than half of all seafood consumed.


Aquaculture can be a great tool if managed responsibly, but if the world is going to feed the next two billion people by 2050, consumers need to take action that prioritizes protein sources that are efficient, safe, sustainable, and responsibly produced.


We hope you will register your personal commitments to Eat Blue™ and follow some of the easy steps outlined below. Don’t forget to tag us on social media @EatBlueNow, and share your journey online by using the hashtag #EatBlue.

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Celebrate Life Below Water. Eat Blue™